Wireline Logging
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Wireline logging is a vitally important service to the mining industry and one where failure to deliver quality results, on time, can make it a very expensive one.

Borehole Wireline has been providing wireline logging & borehole data services since 2005. Our history is based on our dedication to achieving the highest quality standards in our field. A culture of service excellence is shared across the entire business, from Directors to Wireline Operators. This commitment to client satisfaction via the consistent delivery of high quality logging data, in a safe and timely manner, has been fundamental to Borehole Wireline’s long term client relationships.

Reasons To Choose Us As Your Wireline Logging Service Provider

  • Full Accreditation ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
  • State of the art logging equipment
  • An uptime greater than 99.9%
  • Configurable probe stacks to maximise productivity
  • Calibrated geophysical probes and data to enhance accuracy of results
  • Accessible bases in South Australia, Northern Territory & Queensland
  • Flexibility of logging equipment from portable- air freight friendly for very remote regions to deep hole (up to 2000m) equipment
Borehole Wireline Logging & Borehole Data Services

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Reliable Wireline Logging Equipment

At Borehole Wireline we understand that having state of the art logging equipment is just the beginning.

Best in class equipment needs to be utilised to its full potential by experienced operators and be properly calibrated and maintained.

This is exactly what we do.

Therefore Borehole Wireline clients are able to relax knowing that they are receiving the most accurate results available.

Our current logging suite employed on our 1100m or 2000m winches includes:

  • Best in class digital logging equipment designed and built by Geovista Ltd.
  • New equipment that in many cases has been designed and developed with the assistance of Borehole Wireline to ensure outstanding service delivery.
  • Stackable probe systems that allow clients to minimise runs by combining surveys into a single run.
  • Calibration information attached to every probe and tracked and reported to clients according to agreed requirements
  • With a full range of probes we will meet your project requirements.
Borehole Wireline Logging & Borehole Data Services

Logging Units

Borehole Wireline’s logging units are 4×4 diesel, ADR approved, engineered weight upgraded.

They have electric winches with speed and tension control plus auto cable spooling and a remote control. They also have variable logging boom systems and on board water with wash down hose for uranium contamination control and asbestos dust suppression.

All logging units are equipped with GPS tracking, and can be equipped with mobile internet for those projects requiring short turn around times on data.

Our logging unit team comprises of 3 different types of units:

Standard Units

  • Allows for up to 1000m depth
  • Toyota based with airbags
  • Easy access to remote locations
  • Air conditioned
  • Fully self contained

Deep Logging Unit

  • Allows for up to 2000m depth
  • Isuzu based with airbags
  • Hiab boom system
  • Air conditioned for logging in
  • Fully self-contained

Specialist Logging Unit

  • Specifically designed units for client specific projects
  • Includes in mine deployment
  • Portable, blast hole, underground
  • Proven reliability and speed
  • Highly efficient and ergonomically designed to reduce set up times and enhance productivity